Artist Hendrik Müller at AFAS, Pebble Beach 2018

Artist Hendrik Müller at AFAS, Pebble Beach 2018

The Pebble Beach showcase is a select group of guest exhibitor’s. This year they included Hendrik Müller of Germany.

An artist for more than 30 years, his career path included graphic design, printing and photography before becoming a full time fine artist. His skill as a photographer is put to good use when composing historic cars, which are painted so realistically they are often mistaken for photographs.

Hendrik has created more than 40 cover illustrations for the BMW Magazine and large scale paintings for the great fairs in Tokyo, Detroit and Torino.

Today, he prefers using oils and acrylics on canvas, though occasionally watercolors. He has collectors in the USA, France, England, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Japan, and Russia.

The name of the featured image is “Alfa Romeo Tipo B P3“. Hendrik saw this car at a friend’s garage near his home and after taking many photos, he painted it.

The price range for his work is $800 for prints and up to $30,000 for a large size original paintings. Approximately half of his works are commissions.

For more information on this artist please visit his website listed below.

Atelier Hendrik Müller