Collection of G.G. Weiner (Part Two) comprised of stock Lalique advertising & promotional labels – Thurs, Dec 6

Collection of G.G. Weiner (Part Two) comprised of stock Lalique advertising & promotional labels etc. Including modern (discontinued) desk ornaments.

Note: These including the superb Opalescent deep milk-blue Vitesse (Goddess of Speed) hood ornament on original black glass base also signed R’ Lalique’ (see encl pics) are on show (at this time) at The Lalique Gallery in Brighton:

 Lot 1  An inter-war period rare exhibition plaque in moulded glass, in perfect condition as R. Lalique Marcilhac Catalogue Raisonne page No. 474 item F.  Estimate £2,000 – £3,000 / $2,600 – $3,900

Lot 2  A ditto slightly smaller example as R. Lalique Marcilhac Catalogue Raisonne Page No. 476 Item P.  Estimate £1,500 – £2,500 / $1,900 – $3,300

Lot 3 Two Lalique plastic stand-up display case labels (modern). Estimate £25 – £50 / $33 – $65

Lot 4  A Cristallerie Lalique France glass label (inter-war period). Estimate £100 – £150 / $130 – $196

Lot 5  Five Post-war Lalique block base stands. Estimate £25 – £50  /  $32 – $65

Lot. 6 A Cristal Lalique glass tall display sign with gold lettering ‘Cristal Lalique Paris’ Estimate £150 – £250 / $196 – $320

Lot. 7 A Cristal Lalique small glass display case label with gold lettering. Estimate £75 – £100 / $98 – $130

Lot 8 Six Lalique flyer – leaflet display stands in plastic, modern made. Estimate £25 – £50 / $32 – $65

Opalescent milky-blue Lalique (discontinued) desk ornaments factory boxed with their inspection certificates:

Lot 9  A Vitesse (Speed Goddess) in perfect mint condition. Estimate £1,000 – £1,500 / $1,300 – $1,900

Lot 10 A Victoire (Victory) in perfect mint condition. Estimate £1,500 – £2,000 / $1,900 – $2,600

Lot 11 A Chrysis (Leaning back nude female) in perfect mint condition. Estimate £900 – £1,500 / $1,100 – $1,900

Lot 12 A Lalique Longchamp ‘A’ car mascot display mounted on wooden plinth. New estimates and reserves to be agreed… 

Lot 13 A Lalique Longchamp ‘B’ car mascot

Lot 13A A Longchamp ‘B’ car mascot

Lot 14 A Lalique Perch car mascot (paperweight) in opalescent a light milky-blue

Lot 15 A Lalique Perche car mascot (paperweight)  in opalescent dark to light milky-blue

Lot 16 A Lalique Perche car mascot (paperweight) in an orange-yellow opalescent

Lot 17 A Lalique Tete de Epervier car mascot in a light opalescent milky-blue

Lot 18 A Lallque Sanglier car mascot (paperweight) in clear & frosted finish

Lot 19 A  Lalique Chrysis car mascot in clear & satin finish

Lot 20 A Lalique large Dragonfly car mascot in clear & frosted finish

Lot 21A A pair of Lalique Horondelle bookends

Lot 21B A single Hirondelle bookend or paperweight (modern boxed with certificate)

Lot 21C An extensive collector’s reference collection of Lalique ephemera including auction catalogues, related ad’ leaflets and flyers

+ these from my collection: Part 3 to be sold in Feb’ 2019.

Lot 21 A rare Hibou car mascot stencil signed in large block capitals ‘R. Lalique’ around the top edge of the circular base and ‘France’ to the lower edge below. Some slight damage to the end of the tip of the tail with a slight bruise to the upper radius of the left eye, otherwise a very good example of a rare piece (Full provenance supplied from the Paris auction house where purchased).

Lot 22 A ditto Hibou that has extensive damage that was caused by a road traffic accident when mounted onto a Bugatti Type 57 in 1932 (purchased in Paris from an agent acting for the family of the deceased, the full story can be submitted on request).

Lot 23 An extremely rare Renard (Fox) car mascot signed as above, with some slight damage and polishing to the right ear with the left ear reduced to match and some scratches to the base. In very good condition. (A private purchase from a Lady).

Lot 24 A rare Grenouille (Frog) car mascot in near perfect condition signed ‘R. Lalique France’ engraved in script around the base with a small amount of air bubbles showing within the base. This has a good strong amethyst tint. (This was purchased in a Dorset town charity shop with the money going to good causes and the auction featured in The Bournemouth Times).

Lot 25 A rare Comete car mascot with full intaglio signature ‘R. Lalique’ together with engraved ‘France’ (export piece) at the end of the bottom ray of the tail. Some slight polishing to the bottom of the tail with some scratches to the base and complete with a period metal (brass with re-plating) radiator cap bolt on mount. A fine example!

Lot 26 Toby (Elephant) paperweight with a double stepped base. This is not a car mascot but a desk ornament. Stencil signed ‘R. Lalique France’ in block capitals to the bottom of the base. Some small air bubbles near the signature, otherwise a perfect clear & frosted example.

Lot 27 A superb and very rare Lalique Vitesse (Goddess of Speed) mascot in an exeptional deep opalescent milky-blue with an orange core (when held up to the light). This is signed in intaglio ‘R. Lalique France’ which includes the factory produced black glass base which it is display mounted.

Lot 28 A large ex Lalique showroom boutique display case 6′ 10″ high in octagonal plate glass with four revolving circular shelves with mirror glass base and including a spare top with recessed lights, motor and fittings etc.