Welcome to AutoMobilia Resource!

This website and publication are a dedicated resource for anyone who collects automobilia – from serious collectors, to the car guy (or girl) who occasionally collects. We will be covering a vast array of collectibles…. books, posters, signs, badges, manuals, model cars, photographs, mascots, paintings, trophies, watches, and the list goes on….all of which steadily accumulate in your home or garage or both!

Our goal is to provide unique editorial content from industry experts in print and online, covering most aspects of the market, including up-to-date news & events, auction reports and market analysis.  We are fueled by our staff’s genuine passion for automobilia, and this is only the proverbial ‘tip of the iceberg.’  Over the coming months and years, we will work hard to bring you as many experts (and their opinions) in as many aspects of the automobilia collecting field as possible.  We’ll look at special pieces, great finds, hidden treasures, auctions, collections, events and much more.

An important note: for our new website and publication to succeed, we need you. We need your opinions, we need your knowledge of the market, we need your recommendations and ideas.  We want to know what you collect and why – what is the spark that started your collection, and we’d love a picture of you and your ‘holy grail’ item, too!  (e-mail to editor@AutoMobiliaResource.com

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Your participation is our guide to the future.  

Marshall Buck, Editor